Using the Calypso standard in a project requires to master this standard and the related products.
Spirtech offers the reference training to the Calypso standard.

Our independence from manufacturers and transport operators ensures a critical analysis and evaluation of products implementing the Calypso standard.

Modular training

Spirtech Consulting offers training on the Calypso standard, customizable according to your needs

  • Introduction to contactless technologies
  • Overview of Calypso
  • Security related to the Calypso standard
  • Implementation of the standard

Detailed Technical Operation

Provided by the creators of the Calypso standard, this training is adapted to your objectives and focuses on the subjects that are most interesting to your organization:

  • Customizable modules according to your goals
  • In line with the latest revisions of the Calypso standard
  • Practical case analysis based on your projects

Personalized Assistance

Beyond the training, our experts can assist you in every phase of your ticketing project:

  • Technical & organizational support
  • Design of technical specifications
  • Technical expertise
  • Follow up of involved companies and assistance to decision making