More than a simple phone: the smartphone serves as a navigation system, a music library, a camera and much more.

What if transport were part of the available services?

Spirtech designed and developed a range of autonomous and modular mobile solutions that transform the smartphone into a true ally of public transport users.


The City at your fingertips

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Easy Card

Read, buy and load contract onto your card

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Surpass Pro

Smart & light control and sales app

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SurPass : the Ubiquitous pass

SurPass is the multi-service solution that allows for the user to carry their city in their pocket ! It transforms the smartphone into a magic pass for :

  • Using public transport,
  • Accessing city services,
  • Payment of services,
  • etc.

SurPass offers a new mobility experience to your users by allowing them to buy, view, and validate their contracts directly from their mobile phone.

SurPass also allows the users to enjoy the services offered by the city in which they are located as well as the different activities and events planned throughout the year. More than a transport app, it allows the user to rediscover their city.


Proven security

Compatible with the latest version of the Calypso ticketing standard, SurPass HCE incorporates preventive and curative security mechanisms. Each information exchange is secured via an HSM security module. In addition, the tokenization of rights ensures the highest resistance against cloning.

Plug and Play

As a standalone solution, SurPass does not requires any agreement with mobile phone operators or manufacturers. Its modular architecture simplifies the integration into your system as well as reduces deployment times.

Easy Card

EasyCard transforms any smartphone into a vending machine! It offers travelers a new way to view, buy and load contracts onto their travel cards. EasyCard decodes the transport card’s information simply by tapping the card to the back of the phone.

Standalone or integrated in an existing transport app, it allows :

  • Saving and viewing the contents of several travel passes
  • Showing the validity of a transport ticket
  • Alerting the user when a ticket expires
  • Choosing a new ticket from the store and load it onto the card.


Connected to a remote vending server, Easy Card offers a new and easier way to choose and buy a contract.


Easy Card may securely load the contract bought via an NFC mobile phone onto your card.

Easy Card example

Spirtech helps Transpole to provide a new way to buy and load ticket

In 2015, Spirtech has designed and implemented the app to view and load contents on cards for the Transpole transit network in Lille. This application allows holders of the Pass Pass card to view the contents of their card, buy and load a contract using their mobile phone.

Surpass Pro

Dedicated to public transport and ticketing providers, SurPass Pro is the mobile solution for control and sales.
Flexible, it can integrate several functions such as real-time validation of QR Code, contactless cards and tickets.


Surpass Pro can control contracts present in contactless tickets and cards and phones, via NFC technology.


Surpass Pro validation is possible through a real time connection to a remote security server.

Content display

Controls persons may easily check the contents of a card or ticket via a friendly interface and visualize its details

Sale and loading

In association with a remote vending server, SurPass Pro loading new contracts on different media

ACTV trusts Spirtech to design and develop a light & flexible solution to replace its fleet of control and vending tools

In 2016, the experts of Spirtech assisted ACTV, the public transport network of Venice, in the project of replacing its fleet of control tools by Android mobile phones.

This project allows ACTV to improve control with a more flexible sales tools and at a lower cost than a dedicated solution. It also provides a better control of evolutions.