Directly connected to the central system, Analytics analyzes and organizes the data received from the terminals and portable objects used throughout the network. Independent solution, Analytics integrates easily into any system.

In depth Analysis of your network

Each data from your ticketing system may be analyzed by Analytics in accordance with your present and future objectives. Analytics offers a real-time analysis of your network as well as downloadable reports for specific time periods.

Portable Objects

Analytics analyzes all transactions from portable objects used in your network (personalization, validation, loading, blacklist, etc.) and allows you to improve your understanding of their operating modes to better match your inventory management and your service offering.

Ticketing Transactions

As a decision support tool, Analytics provides comparative information regarding sales, validations and control. These analysis allows you to more finely define your points of sales or even control operations strategies.


Through its administration interface and periodic reports, Analytics evaluates the number of operations per equipment or station over chosen periods. Analytics can filter these operations based on their status and highlight equipment presenting higher failure rates to help you adjust your maintenance operations.

A tailored interface

Offering a customizable administration interface including:

  • Generation of alerts based on your objectives
  • Organization of data and detailed graphical analysis
  • Profiles of users and rights management
  • Periodic reports
  • Image
  • Image
  • Image


Analytics integrates with your system by adapting its communication interface with your central system.

Our teams define with you the indicators, analysis and reports of interest for you.

Its responsive design, allows access from PC and mobile phones.