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The smart city is

durable connected secure transparent fluid

Mobility is a fundamental service that allows all citizens to travel from and discover different cities and countries. It is an undeniable axis in the definition of a smart city. Mobility opens up a city thus making it more accessible to everyone.

At Spirtech, we wanted to make soft transport more attractive and accessible using the object that has taken permanent residence in our pockets: the smartphone. It allows for renewed experiences – thus making it durable and sustainable.

What would smartphone do for public transportation ?
  • Less vending machines, because the smartphone fulfils that role
  • Less expendable tickets, because the smartphone opens the metro’s turnstile, unlocks a shared bicycle or a car
  • More targeted offers for each commuter’s needs, thus guaranteeing accessibility and reaffirming our need for a common, cohesive, public space
  • More access to information in line with citizens real, articulated needs rather than a collective perceived, fantasised ideal that alienates the masses.

We have worked tirelessly to offer cities and transport operators worldwide the most innovative, cutting edge and secure solutions out there.

A worldwide presence

Operators all over the world trust us to provide them with cutting-edge, secure and flexible solutions to meet their needs.

Porto and Madeira’s transport systems
The region of Emilia-Romagna
The transport network of Lyon
The city of Lyon
The transport network of Lille
Mexico city and Puebla

They trust us