12 July 2010

Spirtech Calypso Applet

The Spirtech Calypso Applet (SCA) allows all Java card portable objects (NFC phones, USB keys, multi applicative cards, etc.) to be compliant with Calypso. SCA is the secure solution for the development of contactless services.

Paris, 12 July 2010. Spirtech, an independent engineering and design company, expert in the field of smart cards, teleticketing and cryptography, markets SCA, which allows Java card portable objects to manage Calypso secure sessions.

Increasingly, local authorities, public transport operators, and industrialists implement and offer multiservice and multi-applicative portable media to their customers. Furthermore, these customers expect more and more services from their portable objects: mobile phones, USB memories and smart cards.

The Java Card and GlobalPlatform technologies fulfill these needs by making it possible to install and update several applications on the same platform, before or after its issuance. Therefore, it is not necessary anymore to anticipate the future uses of a portable object before its release. In addition, these technologies permit to install as many secure applications as the memory allows, even if they are designed by different independent actors such as public transport operators, banks, local authorities, universities, etc.

The security of these smart objects is essential for their widespread use. The security architectures defined by Calypso and GlobalPlatform are perfectly suited to these new uses. For instance, nowadays, Calypso facilitates interoperable, multimodal and multi-application systems in many fields and notably in public transport where security has become prominent.

Spirtech developed the Calypso applet SCA to facilitate the implementation of the famous Calypso teleticketing technology in all multiservice portable objects and notably in the SIM cards of NFC phones. The Spirtech Calypso Applet, compliant with Calypso SAM and HSM, offers high levels of performance and security for users and administrators of teleticketing systems.

About the Spirtech Calypso Applet

  • Calypso Revision 3 compliant.
  • Java card 2.1.x / 2.2.x compliant.
  • Loading and personalization in accordance with GlobalPlatform and Calypso.
  • Triple-DES and DESX cryptographies, optimized for high performance.
  • Optionally: Calypso PIN and stored value.
  • Compliant with Calypso SAM and HSM.

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